CITRIS Big Data Seminar Series 9/23
October 8, 2013 - 8:53pm
SSB 170
Apr 11 2017
Woo your crowd. Learn how to effectively present your app.
Mar 14 2017
Making an app has its risks. Learn about intellectual property rights to protect all your hard earned products.
Connected Communities Mar 10 2017
Inventing in the Research Lab vs Startups Abstract:In this talk I will compare and contrast research vs startup innovation, based on my experiences at Stanford, the MIT Media Lab and Bay Area startups. I’ll discuss how the desired outcomes of each context encourages different kinds of risk and exploration, takeaways from my research experiences, and how we structure the early ideation process at Lemnos Labs where I am an Entrepreneur In Residence.Bio:David Merrill is a technology executive and hardware startup founder with a computer science and human computer interaction...
Connected Communities Mar 08 2017
Special thanks to E&J Gallo Winery for their sponsorship! CITRIS 2nd Annual Agricultural Technology FairUniversity of California Merced, California RoomWednesday, March 8th, 20178:30am - 3:00pmCITRIS, the Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society, and University Extension are proud to invite you to the 2nd Annual CITRIS Agricultural Technology Fair on March 8, 2017. This event takes place during UC Merced’s Research Week, a celebration of the significant and innovative work being conducted at the university.CITRIS is focused on translating ideas into...