CITRIS @ UC Merced
Frontiers in Technology (FIT) Seminar with David Merrill
March 10, 2017 - 12:00pm
University of California Merced, COB2 140

Inventing in the Research Lab vs Startups 


In this talk I will compare and contrast research vs startup innovation, based on my experiences at Stanford, the MIT Media Lab and Bay Area startups. I’ll discuss how the desired outcomes of each context encourages different kinds of risk and exploration, takeaways from my research experiences, and how we structure the early ideation process at Lemnos Labs where I am an Entrepreneur In Residence.


David Merrill is a technology executive and hardware startup founder with a computer science and human computer interaction background. His tactile learning system startup Sifteo – based on his Ph.D. from MIT - was acquired by drone-maker 3D Robotics in 2014 to become the kernel of a new consumer product group. At 3D Robotics he took various roles on the team that launched Solo: the Smart Drone in 2015, then he led R&D and IP.

Alumnus of MIT, Stanford Computer Science and Symbolic Systems. TED speaker. Human-computer interaction expert. Drone builder. His work has been featured by the Discovery Channel, Popular Science, Wired, and the New York Times.

Merrill is currently Entrepreneur in Residence at Lemnos Labs, an early-stage VC firm in San Francisco, working on the next project.