Paul Scerri and Sense Platypus

After nearly 20 years in academia featuring several papers with "real-world" in the title, I recently left academia to found a company that commercializes one of our robots. The small, autonomous watercraft have the ability to dramatically change how water data is collected. In this talk, I will describe some of the challenges and issues I've encountered as we take cutting edge technology from this community and put it in the hands of end users. In the course of the effort, I've learned that research and commercial success are not always compatible, but that some of the same creative skills and ability to deal with failure are essential. Over time, we've found a balance between research and commercialization that helps both move forward in parallel, as well as finding different business models that work for technology on the edge of research. Bio Dr. Scerri is co-Founder President of Platypus, LLC. and the Director of the Perceptronics Solutions Robotics Lab. Prior to this he was an Associate Research Professor at the Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute. The focus of his research while at CMU was multi-agent and multi-robot systems. In his current roles in industry, the emphasis is on taking state-of-the-art research and applying it to real problems, with a specific focus on making the collection of important data about an environment less expensive, more reliable and more accessible.