Scientific Visualization and Big Data

Pat Hanrahan is a CANON USA Professor in the Computer Graphics Laboratory and Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Departments at Stanford University. His research focuses on rendering algorithms, graphics processing units, as well as scientific illustration and visualization. As a founding employee at Pixar Animation Studios in the 1980s, Hanrahan was part of the design of the RenderMan Interface Specification and the RenderMan Shading Language. More recently, Hanrahan has served as a co-founder and Chief Scientist of Tableau Software. He has been involved with several Pixar productions, including Tin Toy, The Magic Egg, and Toy Story. In 2005, Stanford University was named the first Regional Visualization and Analytics Center (RVAC), where Hanrahan assembled a multidisciplinary team of researchers, focused on broad-ranging problems in information visualization and visual analytics.