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Our research initiatives apply deep expertise to emerging frontiers of information technology: Sustainable Infrastructures, People and Robots, Connected Communities, and Health. Several themes cut across all four initiatives, including opportunities in data analytics, attention to resilience strategies, and a global lens on IT applications. Our focus on solving complex, large-scale challenges exemplifies the interdisciplinary mission and strengths of CITRIS and the Banatao Institute.

CITRIS Sustainable Infrastructures


The CITRIS Sustainable Infrastructures Initiative pursues information technology research in energy, water, and transportation as parts of the cyber-infrastructure of a sustainable society.

CITRIS Connected Communities


The CITRIS Connected Communities Initiative supports collaborative discovery, design, and governance through new technologies that enhance education, creative work, and public engagement.

CITRIS People and Robots


The CITRIS People and Robots Initiative focuses on new theory, benchmarks, software, and approaches that address challenges the interest of society via Cloud Robotics, Deep Learning, Human-Centric Automation, and Bio-Inspired Robotics.



The CITRIS Health Initiative improves health outcomes and access to cost-effective care through the development and integration of innovative technology in telehealth, sensors, analytics and mobile devices.