INITIATIVE: Future of Ownership

Future of Ownership

The current construct of our society consists heavily of a rising trend known as the “sharing economy”. This type of sharing ranges from personal information, to vehicles, to property, and we contribute to it daily by simply existing. When data is acquired without our knowledge, our identity becomes less personal, and more accessible. This poses a threat to the public because of the negative consequences associated with it.

In order to understand the future concerns of this trend, CITRIS has created a project that will hopefully bring forth knowledge regarding this potential harm. The main purpose of this project is to examine the current state of ownership, which would allow us to make predictions about the future, and possibly create the incentive to change. As more research is conducted, there seems to be a connection between loss of ownership to decrease of wealth, an important correlation that should not be ignored. For these reasons, CITRIS believes it is unavoidable issue that we must delve further into. The project hopes to create a strong argument for a need of technological ownership management.

CITRIS has provided many resources to help this project grow. Some of these resources include, but not limited to, direct support for the intern, connections to faculty members with expert insight to the topic, and networking opportunities that allow for expansion of knowledge for the project.