Mobile App Challenge

Welcome to CITRIS' 7th Annual Mobile App Challenge!


Originating at UC Merced in 2011, the CITRIS Mobile App Challenge (MAC) is a semester-long competition that empowers undergraduate students to develop mobile apps for social impact while fostering innovation, community service, and career development. Guest speakers, industry mentors, and peer networking help students move rapidly from idea to prototype over the course of a semester.

Rules and Expectations:

  • Teams

    • 2-5 undergraduates per team (only undergraduates may compete)
    • All majors welcome, but it is recommended to have at least one CSE major
    • Can compete with the same team/idea as your CSE 120 class
  • Apps

    • Idea must align with CITRIS' initiatives and social impact (check with CITRIS if unsure [])
    • No industry-defined projects
    • A working/demonstratable app is expected
  • Assignments

    • At least one member per team must attend CITRIS' FIT speakers series
    • Teams must submit all documents to a GitHub project
    • CITRIS and CSE 120 office hours available and recommended