NEWS: CITRIS at HackMerced

CITRIS at HackMerced

The Center of Information Technology and Research for the Interest of Society (CITRIS) is an organization that cares deeply about the future of technological innovation to address social issues. The CITRIS student team this year had the opportunity to partake in the 2017 HackMerced to not only assist with the event, but to also take leadership roles.

What Is HackMerced?

The second annual HackMerced is a 36-hour hackathon and competition that provides individuals and teams the resources they need to create an app that is unique. The large-scale event welcomes students from other college campuses and even high schoolers. This successful event had hundreds of participants and an abundance of creativity.

How Is CITRIS Involved?

The CITRIS student team carried out roles in providing overall support to the participants. These roles included assisting with registration, hosting a workshop, helping participants with their hacking process, and more. Current and former members of our CITRIS team hosted their own workshop, while another emceed for the opening ceremony. Sophie Vo, our Technology & Innovation Intern, had the privilege to introduce all the event sponsors as well as igniting the crowd’s excitement for the competition! During the event, Steven Dinh, the Project Management & Information Security Awareness Intern, had been actively involved in bettering student success. He hosted a professional development workshop that focused on key factors in creating a resume and standing out from the competition. His workshop included impactful information that applied to everyone, despite their major or field of interest. After the presentation, many eagerly rushed to Steven to ask questions and advice. One student said: “I feel like the workshop has empowered me to work harder on my resume, and to network more so I can succeed in the future.”

Besides being involved in the organization of the event, other members of our CITRIS team participated in the actual competition. Mark, Deo and Michael were competing to design, and build, an effective product to showcase their creativity and technical abilities. The impact CITRIS hopes to leave on campus and our community is visible through our constant involvement and efforts to provide support our students. The CITRIS team hopes to continue being involved with campus activities and other upcoming events.

Mark Santiago, our Full-Stack Web Developer, and his team won The Best Domain Name hack.

Sophie Vo, our Technology and Innovation Intern, is emceeing at the opening ceremony of HackMerced.

Our CITRIS alumni, Haoithi Dang, hosting an interactive Branding and Logos workshop during the hackathon.

Steven Dinh hosting the Professional Development workshop.

Mark Santiago won a social media contest for being the most socially engaged at the hackathon.