NEWS: MAC To Incubator Investment Program

MAC To Incubator Investment Program

CITRIS will provide an investment of $250 to up to 5 Mobile App Challenge (MAC) teams that are accepted into an incubator or accelerator of their choice by June 30, 2017.

Teams accepted in an incubator will also be eligible for an additional investment of $750 after participating and successfully meeting the requirements of the program for 3 months from their starting date.

Investments will be made to teams that provide evidence of acceptance and present the business plan to CITRIS. A review will be made on a rolling basis.

Some examples of incubators include UC Merced Venture LabCITRIS FoundryInnovation Lab


  • Teams eligible for these investments must have participated in the MAC 2017 Semi-final competition.
  • A maximum of 5 Teams may be awarded.
  • Investments may be handled by the corresponding incubator.
  • Teams must provide official documentation of admission to the program.
  • Maximum investment of $1,000 total per Team.
  • A list of incubators can be provided upon request.
  • It is highly recommended that Teams intending to apply for an incubator contact CITRIS first.
  • The Investment Program terms and conditions can be altered at any time without prior notice.