PCARI Project

The Philippine-California Advanced Research Institutes (PCARI) Project is a new approach to enhance the skills and expertise of faculty and staff of Philippine universities and colleges, through scholarships, training and research partnerships with top-notch research universities in California, USA, in the priority areas of information infrastructure development (IID) and health innovation and translational medicine (HITM). With the support from PCARI, Professor Abel Chuang from UC Merced and Professors Rinlee Butch Cervera and Joey Ocon from UP Diliman received a two-year funding award to develop renewable energy supply for emergency power needs using electrochemical devices. The project started on 6/1/2016 and is called “Generating Renewable Energy via Electrolysis of water using New Power hybrid systems (GREEN POWER).” The main objective of the program is to enable local design and development of green and sustainable energy technologies such as hydrogen energy storage and fuel cells that can power and support the information and communication infrastructure in the Philippines. Within the project scope, Professor Abel Chuang will provide design, simulation, and training support to researchers from the Philippians for both hydrogen generation and fuel cell projects. Upon the completion of program, in-house fuel cell system and electrolysis cell assembly will be delivered to UP Diliman for demonstration.