INITIATIVE: “Internet of Insecure Things” VLAB Event and Cyber Awareness Day

“Internet of Insecure Things” VLAB Event and Cyber Awareness Day

The purpose and goal of hosting a VLAB event & Cyber Awareness Day is to ultimately inform the community on security related issues within a technology-impacted environment. Cyber Awareness Day provides opportunities for the community to increase their knowledge on information security within data intensive organizations as well as connecting educational leaders with industry professionals. Similar to Cyber Awareness Day, the “Internet of Insecure Things” VLAB event focuses on a panel discussion that addresses Wi-Fi enabled devices and how startups are competing against large corporations in the cyber security realm.

Furthermore, the budget and agenda for Cyber Awareness Day has been completed by Steven and approved by CITRIS leadership. We are currently in the process of working with external sponsors to solidify additional details as well as finalizing the official event date. In addition, all of the logistics for the “Internet of Insecure Things” VLAB event has been finalized. Several CITRIS interns will be attending this event on February 21st to educate themselves on an important topic as well as expanding their network.

At the 2016 Mobile App Challenge Semi-Finals, Steven got the chance to meet David Needham, the Vice President of Technology at Oportun. After demonstrating his academic excellence in business and passion for technology, Steven was offered an internship at Oportun within their cyber security department. He spent the entire summer at Oportun’s headquarters, located in the Silicon Valley, working on financial and data analysis. By the end of the summer, he was given the opportunity to continue his internship by joining the Information Technology team as a remote intern.

Entering his final year at the University of California Merced, Steven continues to exceed standards given by CITRIS Leadership. Upon graduation, he has already secured a full-time job offer at Lockheed Martin Space Systems, located in the Silicon Valley, as their Multi-Functional Finance Analyst. We expect great things from Steven after his undergraduate career and we hope that he continues to strive for excellence in his future endeavors.