INITIATIVE: CCEV:Constant Current Electric Vehicle

CCEV:Constant Current Electric Vehicle

Johnathan Deas is the electric vehicle intern for CITRIS at the University of California, Merced. His duties include developing a dynamic stator control system for use in what could become a potentially more efficient electric motor. The intention is to allow more constant usage of current in order to extend the life of current battery technologies. While this project is currently in its early stages, much of the groundwork has been made in creating a state-space model. The intended goal of this project is to create a detailed mathematical model of this motor and control system.

Some of Johnathan’s previous projects within CITRIS include research in tire sensing, materials, and connected car technologies. He had also participated and assisted in the organization of the VLAB “Future of Transportation” event. This event consisted of representatives from Uber, Airbus, Terrafugia and Natilus discussing technologies that can facilitate change in the automotive industry. This event included discussions of more advanced drone technologies, autonomous vehicle technologies, as well as potential FAA regulation regarding these new types of vehicles.