NEWS: Stanford Center on Longevity has just launched its 5th annual Center on Longevity Design Challenge

Stanford's Center on Longevity launches 5th annual design challenge!

The Stanford Center on Longevity has just launched its 5th annual Center on Longevity Design Challenge. This year, the challenge is focused on “Promoting Lifelong Healthy Habits through Design”.  The competition invites student teams from anywhere in the world to submit ideas for products or services that improve wellbeing across the lifespan, with finalists coming to Stanford to compete for a $10,000 first prize. Submissions can be made any time from September 5, 2017 through December 8, 2017.  The challenge is free to enter and Stanford does not put any claim on intellectual property related to the designs - the whole approach is designed to promote engagement of students with no cost or risk.  Several of our finalists have gone on to productize their designs, using the challenge as a springboard for publicity and connections.  For the story of Sha Yao, our first winner, check out this CNN feature article.

In its first five years, the challenge has received over 250 entries from 28 countries and the challenge finals have become a highlight the year, regularly drawing over 250 attendees from industry, academia, non-profits and investors.