What We Are

CITRIS strives to provide undergraduate students with an opportunity for self-directed learning, and professional development within a higher education institutional context. These activities serve to develop awareness about professional development options in order for students to develop career pathways and set goals.

UC Sprouts

The vision of the UC Sprouts program is to provide quality supplemental STEM education to elementary students in the Merced community by developing and executing a curriculum that will allow them to plant and tend to an edible garden. During the early developmental phases, CITRIS has supported this initiative by providing the initial funding needed to purchase the necessary resources.

Adriana Gomez

UC Sprouts Program & Graphic Design Intern

“Internet of Insecure Things” VLAB Event and Cyber Awareness Day

The purpose and goal of hosting a VLAB event & Cyber Awareness Day is to ultimately inform the community on security related issues within a technology-impacted environment. Cyber Awareness Day provides opportunities for the community to increase their knowledge on information security within data intensive organizations as well as connecting educational leaders with industry professionals.

Steven Dinh

Project Management & Information Security Awareness Intern

CCEV:Constant Current Electric Vehicle

Johnathan Deas is the electric vehicle intern for CITRIS at the University of California, Merced. His duties include developing a dynamic stator control system for use in what could become a potentially more efficient electric motor. The intention is to allow more constant usage of current in order to extend the life of current battery technologies. While this project is currently in its early stages, much of the groundwork has been made in creating a state-space model.

Johnathan Deas

Electric Vehicle Intern

Mobile App Challenge

The Mobile App Challenge (MAC) is a semester long competition in which interdisciplinary teams of students from the University of California, Merced develop mobile apps that have a positive impact on communities. For teams that wish to continue developing or marketing their apps, CITRIS collaborates with the UC Merced Venture Lab to help the team grow their business.

Myka Alejandre

Mobile App Challenge Project Coordinator

Pirelli Project

Through CITRIS, the multinational tire manufacturer, Pirelli, supported students to generate a discovery report on emerging trends in the automotive vehicle industry that could potentially disrupt the tire environment. This project is looking to create insights on what the future landscape of vehicles will look like, and ascertain the impacts on tire manufacturers from both a technical and commercial standpoint.

Sophie Vo

Technology & Innovation Intern


Catflux is an event discovery application. The initiative was started from a partnership of CITRIS and the Office of the Chancellor. Built by a team of UC Merced students, this app aims to solve the "Happenings" problem while giving students a well-designed platform to find out about new events.

Deo Halili, Shubham Naik

Project Manager, Lead Application Developer

Future of Ownership

The current construct of our society consists heavily of a rising trend known as the “sharing economy”. This type of sharing ranges from personal information, to vehicles, to property, and we contribute to it daily by simply existing. When data is acquired without our knowledge, our identity becomes less personal, and more accessible. This poses a threat to the public because of the negative consequences associated with it.

Winnie Chen

Data Ownership Research Intern


Alexus Garcia

Robotics Mentor

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