Archaeo-Pedia 3D: Collaborative Research in Cyber-Archaeology

One of the key challenges in archaeology is successfully communicating data, even within the scientific community. Although there has been exponential growth in the production of 3D content for archaeology, very few are accessible. As a result, a very small percentage of information that is produced is well communicated. This has an adverse impact on the interpretation process, where the process remains an isolated experience without feedback. This project can create the necessary infrastructure to promote discussion and improve interpretations in real time. The primary goal of this project is to create a network of virtual collaborative environments across UC campuses to develop novel techniques for collaborative research and learning in archaeology. These environments allow users to interact and learn in rich 3D virtual spaces, where they can exchange data and information. Through these environments, history, archaeology and other scholars can collaboratively interpret reconstructed heritage artifacts, sites, and landscapes. This project will extensively integrate different immersive systems and 3D web virtual environments.

Maurizio Forte