Collaborative Virtual Environments for Virtual Heritage

To explore innovation in human-computer interfacing for virtual environments, this project focused on reconstructing environments from historical sites. This will eventually lead to the creation of networked virtual heritage sites connecting multiple UCs and other institutions. Its main objective was to create natural interfaces for collaborative virtual environments to facilitate computer interactions accessible for non-computer experts to program virtual environments. The researchers will also contribute to an ongoing effort to establish a center on Autonomous and Interactive Systems at UC Merced. Some notable accomplishments from the project include: developing software to run a visualization system at UC Merced, visualizing datasets from UC Davis through visualization software developed at UC Davis. Researchers have also developed a graphics framework to display a realistic visualization of the virtual heritage dataset of Villa di Livia. In the future, adjustments will need to be developed to connect with a 10-camera system being installed to track the user’s motions.

Marcelo Kallmann