Managed Aquifer Recharge Network (MAR-NET): Adaptive Floodwater Capture to Mitigate the California Budget Deficit

Groundwater is often over-looked by the average Californian, but is an important—albeit overused—local source of water throughout the state. We currently use groundwater to close the gap between water demands and supplies from surface water and inter-basin transfers. The objective of the project was to create a prototype for an end-to-end Managed Aquifer Recharge Network (MAR-net) to help ensure a sustainable water supply for California. This project will design and test a scalable system for maintaining a continuous account of our groundwater resources. The project operated a prototypical MAR-net system in the Fresno Wastewater Treatment Plant from 10/2010 through 12/2011. The system included three vertical soil monitoring stations with moisture, temperature and salinity sensors, along with input flow metering, pressure transducers to measure pond depth, and a weather station. Researchers are currently developing a model to describe the data.

Thomas Harmon