Motion Interfaces for Physical Therapy

Real time motion capture and interactive 3D computer-generated environments are emerging as an integrated and powerful approach revolutionizing many applications. The potential for clinical and therapeutic applications is just beginning to be appreciated and explored in various areas of medicine, including telemedicine, stroke rehabilitation, pain management, and cognitive behavioral therapy. There are three main objectives for this research project: evaluate latest sensor technologies for use on virtual therapy applications, design an interactive prototype application for prescribed and personalized therapy rehabilitation, and to evaluate novel solutions for tracking finger, hand, and facial skin deformations for rehabilitation of hand motor control and facial expressions after burn injuries. This research resulted in a working prototype system for modeling upper-body physical therapy exercise motions and for automated monitoring of patients following exercises demonstrated by an animated 3D character. A provisional patent application about the main techniques was developed and two poster papers were presented and published at the IEEE VR conference.

Marcelo Kallmann