Pwning Asthma Triggers: Health Games as Technologies of Social Engagement

Games have a considerable history of introducing novel methods of thinking to communities through non-standard paths of transformation and informal learning, especially concerning political conflict or uncertainty. This research is combining three strategies: data mining, anthropological field work, and dramatization through game design. In the game, researchers will correlate spatial maps of public records and scenarios of future climate change and population growth with gameplay data to see if players develop effective strategies in a simulated game environment to manage asthma triggers and optimize their healthcare. A beta version will be developed in hmtl5 for adoption across multiple platforms and presented to focus groups in their two research sites for evaluation. In particular, they are interested in seeing which game design approaches will lead to intrinsic incentives for replay and adoption of the game as opposed to replay values driven by extrinsic incentives such as access to media, free minutes, or gift certificates.