The Sensing Entity Tracking Initiative (SETI): A CITRIS Center for Smart Energy Infrastructure

Power consumption inside buildings is one of the most critical factors when analyzing energy usage. The brand-new UC Merced campus represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a full-scale test-bed for advanced energy management in campus buildings and systems. The new research university has made environmental performance, energy efficiency, and sustainability a campus-wide theme. Goals of this research include developing and deploying a sensor network system for real-time accurate estimation of person transitions among different part of the buildings when using public hallways. Researchers plan to utilize a 30 node smart camera test bed to be deployed in the Science and Engineering building. Through this test bed, they will collect extensive data to create a data-driven model that allows analysis and simulations. The project will enhance existing approaches to building design and operation with the results of its new measurement technologies.

Alberto Cerpa