Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to submit the proposal via the Sponsored Program / Grants Office?
    1. For Fresno State: No. However, you are required to contact your school/college grants administrator to discuss and finalize the budget before submitting the proposal.
    2. For UCM: No, it is not necessary unless assistance is requested for budget preparation.
  2. Do indirect costs need to be included (i.e., F&A recovery)?
    1. No. The nature of these funds do not allow the institutions to recover indirect costs. In other words, budgets should reflect a 0% indirect cost rate.
  3. Can the industry receive the money? (For example, if they're partners with an F3 entity)
    1. No. These funds are to be used at the respective academic institutions (Fresno State, UC ANR, and/or UC Merced). If a compelling case can be made for special circumstances, such as fabrication or licensing by a third-party, it will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  4. I've already received an award for a related research project. Can I apply to augment this with matching funds?
    1. Yes. There are “top off” funds up to $15k there are explicitly intended for circumstances such as these. “Seed” funds are intended for new, upstream activities that emerge from the collaboration.
  5. How can I use these funds for my graduate or undergraduate students?
    1. Funds intended for students can be used for flat rate stipends, hourly wages and benefits, tuition and fees, conference travel and other normative costs.
  6. How many proposals can I submit? Can I be a PI on all?
    1. A PI can be lead on only one proposal, and serve as a Co-PI on one additional proposal.
  7. How do I show evidence of inclusive innovation?
    1. We recommend adopting the “Principles of Inclusive Innovation” where appropriate, and engaging with a community stakeholder that can provide direction in this requirement.
  8. Can I edit or update my application once it's submitted?
    1. No.
  9. My proposal includes existing IP that requires disclosure and/or NDAs with partners. What steps should I take?
    1. Please follow your institution’s guidelines on this.
  10. Will the proposed activities require IP disclosure and/or NDAs with partners?
    1. It is up to the collaborators to decide. Please follow your institution’s guidelines on such disclosure.
  11. What happens to new IP created as a result of the project activities? Who owns the IP?
    1. This needs to be negotiated between the collaborators.