Spring 2016 Event Photos

2016 Seed Grant Projects

CITRIS works to find solutions to many of the concerns that face all of us today, from monitoring the environment and finding viable, sustainable energy alternatives to simplifying health care delivery and developing secure systems for electronic medical records and remote diagnosis, all of which will ultimately boost economic productivity.

Smart Tiny Home Power System

J. Elliott Campbell

This project is designed to develop smart infrastructure for affordable urban and rural housing communities. The project is a collaboration among UC Santa Cruz, UC Merced and Cabrillo Community College, focused on the Monterey Bay and Central Valley regions. Smart cities, grids and infrastructures are seen as a means of conserving resources and using them more efficiently. But this "smart" revolution bypasses many households in lower-income urban and rural areas.

Enabling robots to express emotions based on human demonstrations

Marcelo Kallmann

Robotics is becoming more and more involved in our lives, from working alongside us in factories, to empowering us to remain independent as we age. Despite working around us, robots tend to be purely functional entities. They go about their tasks methodically, only minding humans when they need to coordinate with us to achieve some task; little is known about how to make robots relatable to humans, a topic at the core of the People and Robots Initiative.

Digital Preservation in Historic Bodie

Nicola Lercari, Brandon Smith

The heritage site of Bodie is a popular California State Historic Park that encompasses 2,900-acre landscape of historic buildings, objects, California Natives archaeological remains, and landforms associated with mining-related activities. Bodie is at risk of being lost due to wildfires and lack of funding for conservation. 

Having the capacity to call public attention to critical social issues and build constituencies, mobile apps and social media are a potential solution to this problem.

Our Mission

The Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS) creates information technology solutions for many of our most pressing social, environmental, and health care problems.


CITRIS facilitates partnerships and collaborations among more than 300 faculty members and thousands of students with industrial researchers from over 60 corporations.


The information technology research with state-of-the-art facilities creating products for the benefit of society—distinguishes us from other interdisciplinary research centers.


CITRIS has pioneered this model, providing an “invention infrastructure” that creates physical or online products along with the process to support continuous innovation.


As a university-based research center, we are committed to meeting UC’s educational mission and sparking the desire to Learn among students and faculty alike.

Real Results

The real opportunities lay not just in developing new and innovative technologies, but in applying them.

World Class Research

With our cutting-edge laboratories and renowned faculty experts, CITRIS serves as an incubator for translating new ideas into working prototypes.

CITRIS Mobile App Challenge

In 2011, UC Merced CITRIS started the Mobile App Challenge with the goal of creating an entrepreneurial competition to give students the experience of designing, implementing and presenting their idea for a mobile app. Since then the competition has grown and spread to our sister campuses in Berkeley, Santa Cruz and Davis.

The 5th Annual Mobile App Challenge  has ended! like our page on Facebook for updates.

This year's winner is Team Dryve, with their concept of a "Carpool made easy for college Students" to provide students a way to help each other get where they need to go, in a quick and easy way.

2016 winners